National Schools Chaplaincy Program

Burrabadine Cornerstone Christian School has been approved as a participant in the NATIONAL SCHOOL CHAPLAINCY PROGRAM for 2017. We believe that this program is an essential part of our school.


This year Michael Parris is working as a Chaplain at our school.


Michael brings many years of experience to this role in the area of Pastoral Care and we are very pleased to have him on board. His role entails providing Pastoral Support to students, families and staff, teaching about Christianity and Christian values and in mentoring.

In 2013 we conducted surveys of the school community and the responses were unanimously in support of the program to continue.

If you have any good feedback to provide about the program please send the school an email or letter about the benefits of the program. This sort of thing helps the program to continue.

Alternatively if you have any concerns regarding the program please contact the school.