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There is excitement a plenty amongst students at Burrabadine Cornerstone Christian School as they prepare to hit the books from August 27 to September 10 in a read-a-thon. The dual purpose of this event is to inspire a love of reading in students as well as raising some funds to update the school library.

In the lead up, students will be sourcing sponsors to pledge funds for their reading efforts. Sponsors are able to commit to supporting students based on how much they read, this can be either per book, per minute spent reading or a fixed amount of your choice.

As an added incentive for students, there will be a range of prizes up for grabs based upon how much money they can raise. If that is not enough motivation, if the school can reach its fundraising target of $1500 the students will be dressing up the teachers on the last Wednesday of the term!

Please show your support to this project by sponsoring one of our students as they immerse themselves in books to raise funds for our library. Please get in touch with our school office if you need any further details.

Happy Reading!