Our Board

Meet the Board

Peter Volkofsky – Chair

Peter Vol

Peter lives in west Dubbo and attends Holy Trinity Anglican church. Along with his family and friends, he is attempting to live the shared life of community. He says that in this process, he has found much joy, much sorrow and the captivating presence of Jesus.

Peter currently teaches scripture in five regional high schools, manages Midnite Café and is an author. He has also worked for twenty-five years as a board member of Cornerstone Community and was once the dean of a Cornerstone campus in Broken Hill. During those years Peter worked as a volunteer in both primary and high schools. His other jobs have included pizza delivery driving, nightclub security and veterinary surgery.

Peter says he made some good friends at the club in Broken Hill but it also broke his heart to watch hundreds of beautiful young people wrecking themselves week-in, week-out. He often thinks of those people and their families when he writes.

Peter and his wife Penelope have been married for thirty-five years and have reared seven children. Peter says that the extended family/community way of living sifts and bruises us, forever breaking the skin of our conceit and allowing the grace of Jesus to soak through.

Daniel Bowen – Vice-Chair

Daniel Bowen

Daniel is a Clinical Psychologist who currently works full-time in his private practice, Dubbo Psychologist.

Daniel has completed a PhD in Clinical Psychology, and holds undergraduate degrees in Psychology (First Class Honours) and High School Teaching (PDHPE), an Advanced Diploma of Christian Studies, and Certificate IV’s in Outdoor Recreation and Training and Assessment.

Daniel has over 15 years’ experience in the counselling, teaching, higher education, research, youth work and outdoor recreation sectors. In these sectors, he has worked with children, teenagers, adults, couples and families, in both paid and voluntary positions.

Daniel grew up on a cotton farm 20km north-west of Bourke, NSW. Having grown up within and currently being a member of a Christian mission community, Daniel has a passion for seeing young people trained and mobilised to fully express and deliberately live out their potential as a disciple of Christ in a fruitful way.

Warwick Harrison – Secretary

Warwick Harrison

Five of Warwick’s children attended Burrabadine Cornerstone Christian School and were wonderfully discipled in that community. Prior to that their oldest child attended the Pera Bore Christian School and that school was a significant factor in drawing he and his wife to Jesus Christ. Having been blessed in such a way, Warwick is excited about the opportunity to help others be blessed by a similar experience.

Warwick has had a career in Agricultural Consultancy in project development and implementation covering both technical and financial management. This has been through his own business and as a sub-contractor to larger firms.

Currently Warwick is enjoying working in the Dubbo Community as both a Financial Counsellor and a Gambling Counsellor as this gives a rewarding opportunity to assist people in crisis and encourage their personal growth through those difficult times.

Martin Clark – Board Member

Martin Clark

Martin comes to the board with a wide range of experiences from working in a retail outlet to processing aerial photos for the S.A. Department of Lands.

He prepared for the pastorate at the Baptist Theological College of Queensland where he completed a Diploma of Theology. He has pastored in both Queensland and South Australia.

In 1993 he completed a Bachelor of Education at the University of South Australia and has taught in South Australia, the Northern Territory and New South Wales. This has included formal tutoring of tertiary students while at university, secondary teaching in S.A. and N.T. and primary teaching in NSW.

As a former principal of BCCS he has first-hand experience of the school and a firm desire to support the school community as it moves into a new era.

Peter Horsburgh – Board Member

Peter Horsburgh

Peter joined the BCCS community in 2015 when his eldest son started kindergarten. Peter and his wife Michelle now have two children at BCCS.

Peter grew up out at Tottenham and did schooling to Year 10 there. For year 11 and 12, he attended Dubbo Christian School. He currently works at Inland Distributors as a Sales Representative.

Peter currently attends Dubbo Baptist Church and is an active member, including being on the Care and Connect team as well as a Worship Leader on the Creative Ministries team.

Peter is committed to ensuring that BCCS is not only a school of academic excellence, but also one that teaches students’ how to live a genuine Christian life in this world.